Neck Pain & Headaches

Many people suffer from neck pain as a result of an injury, accident or disease. Commonly, people will just wake up one day unable to turn their head. A more serious case of neck pain involves shooting pain into the shoulder, arm, or hand from herniated discs. We have experience treating all types of patients with neck pain.

Shooting pain into your arm? Can’t move your neck?

Chiropractic care has consistently scored the highest level of satisfaction when compared to other forms of health care for neck pain.

Finding the right chiropractor for you is key! At Desired Health Chiropractic we are confident you will find our chiropractic adjustments gentle, effective and affordable. Everyone loves coming to our chiropractic office in Anoka. 

Do you suffer from headaches and migraines and don’t know what to do?

It’s remarkable to consider how many different types of pain relievers there are for headaches. Too often it’s a knee-jerk reaction where we pop a pill for whatever ill. Rarely do we ask why there is a headache? What is causing this headache?

But there is a different way to see the problem than the chemical approach.  If your headache is being caused by a joint injury in the neck, no amount of drug can correct this postural fault.

How would I know if my headache is really a spine problem?

It could be that you notice stiffness in the neck or maybe it’s harder to look over one shoulder. If your headaches are accompanied by a lot of shoulder and neck stiffness and tension, this is a sign of a spine cause. In some cases though, the spine symptoms are very mild, so it is easy to see why patients rarely make the connection in their minds.

At Desired Health Chiropractic in Anoka we in identifying the cause of your headache or migraine pain and find a solution to fix the problem once and for all.  Don’t suffer any longer, contact our chiropractic office today.

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