Tips for Flying

Always check bags that are more than five to 10 percent of your weight. Keep carry-ons compact and light to avoid back or neck strain.

In flight, use exercises like foot lifts, rising up on your toes and rocking back on the heels, to keep your circulation flowing. Massage your legs and prop your feet up on a bag to change positions.

At mid-flight, walk up and down the aisle to stretch your legs and improve your circulation.

Be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Air travel can sometimes dehydrate travelers because of low pressure and humidity.

Dress comfortably. Do not wear restrictive clothes that may affect your ability to move around while in the air. Being comfortably dressed will reduce your stress levels, which can trigger pain flare ups.

Tips on the Road

Consider using a back support. While you are driving, do simple exercises like rolling your shoulders forward and backward, and help your legs by tightening calf and thigh muscles.

To minimize arm and hand tension while driving, we suggest holding the steering wheel at approximately 3 o’clock and 7 o’clock, periodically switching to 10 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

Don’t grip the steering wheel. Instead, tighten and loosen your grip this will improve hand circulation and decrease muscle fatigue in the arms, wrists and hands.

Plan to allow for stops along the way. Stop for meals or use rest areas to walk around.

If you are preparing to travel this summer, a visit to your chiropractor can help prepare the back for this change in activity.   Travel can lead to a few negative side effects, the most common being a bit of back pain. To avoid suffering from pain in the back this vacation season, look at why you should start chiropractic care now. Before leaving on your trip, we recommend getting a spinal adjustment to help ensure your joints, muscles and ligaments are loose and flexible. Your Chiropractor will also recommend stretches and exercises that can help you to avoid injury while you are away. Stretches and exercises are especially helpful for travelers who will be going long distances and for travelers who will be participating in outdoor, intense physical activities while they’re away. So be sure to stop in and see us here at Desired Health Chiropractic before your vacation, we want you to have the best experience possible! #travelpossiblewithdesirehealthchiropractic

Hi, It’s Megan, the Office Manager at Desired Health Chiropractic, Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching. You might be thinking it’s time to get your child involved in some type of sporting activity.

Helping your child choose if sports are a good fit for them, or even which sport to play can be a daunting task; I know when my son was younger, I wanted him to play sports, but he never really seemed that interested. So, I started trying to introduce him to a variety of sports.  Some tips I learned are to expose them to a variety of sporting events, watching on tv is ok but taking them to an event is a great way to watch for any enthusiasm they might have for that sport. We went to baseball games, lacrosse games, and a variety of other events. By listening to your child about hints and preferences, you can pick up clues about what they find interesting.

Once you find out what peaks their interest, spend a little time one-on-one learning a variety of skills. You can play catch, field grounders, practice dribbling the basketball or kicking a soccer ball. Not only is this a great way to teach sports skills, it’s great parent child bonding time!

Some kids are more suited to team sports while others excel at individual sports, I found that trying multiple sports was what worked best to narrow down what he was interested in, as a preschooler the YMCA had many opportunities to try out a sport for minimal cost and time. As he got a bit older the Youth Enrichment League was a great way to try new activities. Through trial and error, we learned that he navigated towards individual sports his 2 favorites are fencing and archery.

I’ve put together a list of Youth Sports programs in the metro area that you can check out to help on your journey!


1. Cross Training is King


In today’s competitive sports arena, kids are worked harder and younger than ever before. Being a top athlete requires repetitive motion in multiple practices a week. No matter what sport you participate in, there will be extra stress and strain when perfecting certain moves.

That is where cross training becomes King. Incorporating a completely different sport or workout, even once a week, will alter movements enough to give overworked muscles a little break. It may also strengthen muscles that are overlooked.


2. Hot, Hot, Cold


Warm up is so important to prevent injuries in sports. Warning! Many athletes will start their warm up with stretches which is the WRONG move. Always do a light cardio warm-up, such as walking, jogging, or easy jumping jacks to get the muscles warmed up for stretches.

Then a few minutes of stretching warm muscles will prepare the body for an intense workout. Cool down after practice or games is important for the body and the mind to maintain a relaxed state.


3. Use the Force


One often overlooked aspect in youth sports burnout is that parents and coaches do not prepare the athlete’s mind for competition. With the pressure to perform at an increasingly high level, athletes should have some guided meditation and stress relief skills incorporated into their training.


4. What’s Your End-Game?


Many youth athletes burnout due to unrealistic expectations, either from their parents, coaches, or themselves. Specific sports goals are important to set at the beginning of each season so the athlete can be supported to achieve and everyone is working towards a common goal.

The goals for the off-season training are also often overlooked or glossed over. It is important that any time an athlete is in training mode, that they can measure progress towards improvements.   


5. Don’t Be Nervous


The youth athlete is putting both body and mind under extreme stress. The nervous system is responsible for making sure every thought and movement work together in harmony. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to improve the way the body works by easing tension on the nervous system. This allows for the athlete to perform in the best possible fashion and prevent injury or burnout.


At Desired Health Chiropractic we help athletes feel better, function better, and perform better!

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to for spring and summer sports programs. Sports are beneficial to kids of all ages!

TOP 10 Reasons to Participate in Youth Sports:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Aids in Weight Control
  3. Improves Endurance
  4. Builds Character
  5. Boosts Self-esteem
  6. Strengthens Perseverance
  7. Develops Team Work Skills
  8. Promotes Healthy Competition
  9. Provides Guidance
  • Teaches Discipline

And of course, let’s not forget that it’s fun and creates a lifetime of memories. If your child is in any sporting activity, we can help you as parents assess the risks and strategies to help keep your active and talented kids in prime playing condition with Chiropractic Care.

Hi Everyone! It’s Megan, Office Manager at Desired Health Chiropractic. I had the opportunity to visit Green Valley Garden Center in Ramsey, and I just had to share my amazing experience there!

Spring is bloom! They have everything you need for your planting needs, but the main reason for my visit was one of the many classes they offer throughout the year. My class was Cooking and Gardening with Fresh Herbs and was taught by Dehn’s Garden’s Bonnie Dehn, she is fondly known as Minnesota’s Herb Lady, after taking her class I know why!

First, I have to say the reason I love the farming and gardening community so much is their love for helping one another out. Both Dehn Gardens and Green Valley Green House have herbs and vegetables available for purchase, and both sites have very knowledgeable staff to assist with all your questions and they are willing to share their knowledge together and promote one another’s business!

Bonnie’s class was so informative, I learned so much about herbs, but especially how to cook with them! For those of us who want to be healthier the use of herbs in cooking is a great way to start that journey!

For example, if you are on a low sodium diet you can use fresh herbs instead of salt to draw out flavors. I also learned that adding parsley, thyme, oregano and basil to your regular diet can add lots of nutritional value as well as immune boosting agents to your diet.

Another great tip…  do you love Tex Mex but to you, cilantro tastes like soap? Use Lime Basil instead! Green Valley Greenhouse carries it so pick some up and learn to love Tex Mex!









I had such a great time and look forward to taking another class at Green Valley in the future! I will be much more knowledge about how to plant, what to plant, how to maintain it, and how to use it. Herbs aren’t just for looking at, they should be used! I can’t wait to get started! Plus, if you are looking for ideas, they have beautiful displays throughout the greenhouse giving you ideas for all your planting needs! I just love walking around the greenhouse soaking up ideas!

Next time you are in I’d love to share some of what I learned with you. I give Green Valley Green House 5 stars!

For the serious athlete, anytime you have an injury you would be wise to get a medical evaluation to make sure it will not impact your physical activity. The sooner the injury is looked at and treated, the faster it will heal properly and cause less issues in the future.

But if you are unsure about your particular situation, here is a good guide to let you know if you should seek medical advice.

Swelling and inflammation: After an injury the area that was damaged will have excess fluid accumulate in the tissue. This a natural response to an injury and icing the area usually helps. However, if swelling lasts for more than 2 weeks, the tissue may be damaged more than you think and you should get it evaluated.

Motion of joint injured: At our office we always assess motion within an injured joint. If you have difficulty moving area of your body due to pain, it is likely a soft tissue or nerve problem. If you have an issue moving because it just feels stuck, it is likely an alignment or tracking problem that needs correction.

Weight bearing: If you cannot put weight on the painful site, it is important to get it assessed right away.

Onset of injury: There are three types of injuries we commonly see in our office.

  • Injuries that occur from a specific trauma, such as a fall or hit are easy to diagnosis. The sooner they are treated the better the results.
  • Pain that comes on gradually and slowly builds up tend to become chronic issues if the athlete ignores it. Often a young athlete can go his or her entire sports career without getting some of these issues treated, but often pays for it as an adult developing arthritis and degeneration much earlier.
  • Sudden onset pain with no known cause are of greater concern. If you wake up with pain or have sudden loss of motion in your neck, back, or joints it is recommended you get in for an examination as quickly as possible. Even if the issue resolves itself quickly, it is likely to resurface time and time again.

Type of pain: If you describe your pain or discomfort as numb, burning or tingling you should have an evaluation at our office as soon as possible. These are all neurological pain descriptors and could become permanent if not addressed.

Associated symptoms: It is important to address any other symptoms you are experiencing digestive upset, pain with deep breathing, headaches, cracking noises in joints, noticeable reduction in flexibility, range of motion, or strength. Sometimes these symptoms are related to issues in your back or neck and you are not even aware they are connected.

Serious symptoms: If you even question that your issue is serious, please seek medical assistance immediately. Some major warning signs include but are not limited to dizziness, lightheaded, blurry or tunnel vision, slurred speech, unclear thinking, and shortness of breath.

At Desired Health Chiropractic we assess biomechanics and neurology of the body so we can find issues before they make things worse. We want our athletes to feel, function, and perform at their best.

Call our office today for a free assessment of what you can do to improve your movement and enhance your athletic ability – 763-205-6192.

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