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Kind Words from Our Clients

Listen to what our patients have to say about Desired Health Chiropractic

“Helps with my job! No back pain!”

-James B. of Ramsey

“Very nice and friendly. Recommend to anyone.”

- Gary S. of Ramsey - Papa Smurf from CBS Survivor Fiji

“Circulation to my fingers is back to normal!”

- Karl W. of Anoka

“No words can describe how much better I feel all around! It has been a lifestyle changer for me; I am now more able to do those things that I have not been able to do because of my lower back!”

- Mark L. of Anoka

“Friendly, flexible, always willing to help – goes above and beyond! I suffer from fibromylagia and a recent herniated disc, but Dr. Desiree helped me manage the pain so I can get back to my life faster!”

- Carin C. of Blaine

“Awesome Dr. and great staff. I have fibromyalgia and Dr. Desiree helps me manage my pain. Always caring and concerned for me. Dr. Desiree makes me feel better.”

- Ivette D. of Anoka

“Very friendly and helps with pregnancy issues.”

- Emily D. of Anoka

“It’s been so long since I haven’t been in pain and now it’s rare to be in pain! I have never felt so welcome anywhere and have never felt better.”

- Savannah P. of Anoka

“Dr. Van Bogart is knowledgeable, skilled, and thoughtful in the care she provides. I've received numerous adjustments over the years and our daughter has as well. Appreciate her keeping me in alignment.”

- Kerri A. of Blaine

“Dr. Desiree is kind, patient and caring. She is treating my daughter and has done a wonderful job explaining to her what she is doing and why. Her staff is kind and always happy to see us. She is definitely good at what she does!”

- Stephanie E. of Anoka

“I've suffered with headaches most of my life & because of Dr. Desiree & her excellent chiropractic care, it's made a huge difference in my quality of life. I rarely ever get a headache now. I also have DDD (degenerative disc disease), constant pain in my neck, which has pretty much gone away. Thank you Dr. Desiree for helping me feel so much better!!”

- Dawn B. of Elk River

“Dr. Desiree and Chelsea provide a welcoming atmosphere, care for the entire family and offer fun ways to engage with their clients. After a recent accident. Desired Health has provided timely, compassionate care - and provided solid referrals to round out our healing process. We feel known and appreciated when we walk in the door!!”

- Amy W. and Sophia D. of Ramsey

"Dr. Desiree is the best! I suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches for many years due to past car accidents during HS and college. Dr. D was able to help me out and get rid of my symptoms. If you're looking for a friendly, caring, and experienced chiropractor...go see Dr. Desiree. If it wasn't for her, I'd be suffering and stuck taking pain medications which only cover the symptoms, but never properly addressed the cause of my neck pain and headaches. I wish someone told me to see a chiropractor when I first injured myself! Thank you, Dr. for everything that you've done for me."

- Brian B. of Endicott

“I would have never imagined myself going to a chiropractor since I don't have back problems. Dr. Desiree was in one of my networking groups and extended a complimentary check up and treatment. During that session, I learned that she could help with me with an ongoing knee issue. I am in my 40's and was seriously thinking I was going to need surgery. What I found out was that knees can become unaligned and cause all kinds of crunching, burning and pain. I am happy to say I no longer have issues with my knees!”

- Lynn M. of Andover

“I've had a lingering issue with my shoulder for months and wasn't sure what to do about it. After a great referral, I chose a chiropractic program with Desiree. I've gone from 24/7 pain to minimal/almost nonexistent pain. The office is always a cheerful place and my kids look forward to going with me to my adjustments.”

- Allison S. of Blaine

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