Anoka MN Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy

Lower back pain is statistically the number one reason individuals give for seeing a chiropractor. The cause may be an injury during an accident or a degenerative disc disease. Arthritis may be part of someone’s aging process. Each client who turns to an Anoka MN chiropractor will be provided with pain alleviation in the best way possible.

The first appointment will be spent doing an evaluation of the client’s condition. A physical exam of the back, an in-depth discussion of the pain and testing range of motion capabilities will be followed by an x-ray. There might be a subluxation of the spinal bones pressing against the nerve roots located in the spinal cord. The resultant pain can range from serious to excruciating.

Lumbar, or lower back pain, can be disabling. It may hurt while the person is sitting, standing and sometimes, even while lying in bed. A job that requires physical labor is impossible to do. Sitting at a desk may also be unbearable for long hours.

When the chiropractic assessment is complete, a course of rehabilitative care can be recommended. In some cases, the sufferer may be referred to another health care professional. Chiropractic care is not appropriate for alleviating pain caused by certain conditions.

It is simply the first choice for many victims of accidents or disease. That is because it does not rely on possibly addictive pain medication. Over the counter as well as prescription medicine might result in addiction. People prefer it for another reason. It does not include any invasive method of care.

There are a number of techniques used to alleviate back pain. One used most frequently is a series of spinal adjustments. Another is called spinal mobilization. Both are hands-on procedures. Pain relief may not be immediate. However, as the cause, spinal subluxation, for example, is corrected, pressure and pain will be alleviated.

Your Anoka MN chiropractor provides many options for back pain relief. Come see what Desired Health Chiropractic can do for you when you visit our website today at

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