Sponsorships Available for Local Sports Teams

Desired Health Chiropractic is looking to sponsor local sports teams to increase visibility and express our support for the athletic community. Our sponsorships are intended to have a positive impact in the lives of local youth athletes.

Desired Health Chiropractic has been treating top notch athletes during the competitive season due to sports injuries for many years. It is our goal to work with athletes during chiropractic care to keep them in the game without causing further damage that could hinder long term performance. We also offer wellness chiropractic programs that continue to keep athletes healthy and strong.

Each season Desired Health Chiropractic sponsors a local athletic team. The monetary donation can be used completely at your team’s discretion. In turn, as a sponsor we ask to have the opportunity to educate the many parents, athletes, and spectators from your organization about the amazing benefits of chiropractic for sports injuries and sports performance.

We offer several levels of involvement, but are flexible and open to any suggestions that may work for your athletes. Please contact our Clinic Director, Chelsea Kappes, for an application of our common sponsorship opportunities at 763-205-6192 or chelsea@desiredhealthchiro.com.


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