Desired Health Chiropractic in Anoka MN, Helps Hundreds in the Local Community with Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain can be a result of whiplash, sports injuries or just the wear and tear of life. In some cases, the patient loses significant neck mobility. Additionally, chronic headaches can be caused by a joint injury in the neck. If this is the case, then taking headache pills achieves absolutely nothing.

A patient may notice stiffness in the neck or shoulders or difficulty looking over one shoulder compared to the other. Stiff necks can be caused by a number of things, but the problem is often a strain or sprain of the muscle at the back and side of the neck, connecting the neck to the shoulders. This can be caused by sleeping in a poor position, sports injuries, repeatedly turning the head (this can be a problem in swimmers), stress, cradling a phone between the neck and shoulder or poor posture. Chiropractic treatment can help the neck recover and then the chiropractor can advise on ergonomic improvements to avoid a recurrence.

Spinal disorders, also treatable by a chiropractor, can also cause pain in the neck…or head. Disc issues in the neck are common as we age, and some people have arthritis in their neck. The neck also contains facet joints, which can develop problems. Injuries such as whiplash can increase these problems. In serious cases, spinal problems in the neck can cause pain in the shoulder, arm, or hand, as well as the head.

Surgery is invasive and can cause worse problems in the long term and drugs merely mask symptoms, with the risk of side effects and even addiction. Rather than going through life in a painkiller fog, patients should call Desired Health, an Anoka MN chiropractor, and get an examination which can get to the root cause of the neck pain and help with not just recovery but protecting the neck from further pain and injury.

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