How Chiropractic Helps Sport Injuries in Anoka MN

It is easy to get sidelined by an injury – and frustrating to boot. Medical doctors will often prescribe extended periods of rest – which student athletes in particular then tend to ignore, especially in a culture that encourages us to play through the pain. On top of that, many painkillers are prescribed substances for athletes.

It is no accident that almost a third of NFL teams have chiropractors on staff. A trained sports chiropractor can not just help an athlete recover from injury, but actually help keep them from being injured in the first place. The advice a chiropractor can give on technique and posture can prevent injury and improve an athlete’s game, and their holistic approach to health can increase stamina.

It does not matter what sport you do – you are likely to benefit from routine adjustments. This includes low impact sports such as golf and tennis as well as football and soccer. Soccer players in particular are prone to neck injuries from repeatedly heading the ball. Gymnasts can, of course, be injured in falls and require a lot of flexibility and free range of motion. Chiropractic care can also be effective in treating tennis elbow.

Not every chiropractor is good for athletes – you need to choose a MN chiropractor who is experienced in the field, and familiar with your specific sport. A good chiropractor will work with your coach to help you develop your technique and give you exercises to strengthen muscles in a way which reduces injury risk and promotes performance. They will also put together plans of care that speed recovery without using extended rest and which set things up to improve compliance.

Regardless of your sport, athletes in the Anoka area should consider getting routine chiropractic care and adjustments from a chiropractor experienced in treating sports injuries and working with those who play hard.

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