What every pitcher must consider if wanting a stronger, faster pitch

A pitchers’ windup and throw might get all the attention. But it’s the moment immediately after releasing the ball that actually poses the greatest risk of injury. This article is for anyone looking to reduce shoulder pain while gaining a faster, stronger pitch.

Your shoulder can move in more directions than any other joint. Thanks to this freedom, you can toss pitches, sweep floors, swing a tennis racket, and hoist heavy items overhead. But all too often this freedom of movement can lead to dysfunction, which can end up causing chronic shoulder pain and restriction movement.

Picture this: In a baseball or softball pitch, the shoulder tends to follow the ball. Meanwhile, the rest of the body remains on the mound. These opposing, powerful forces threaten to tear muscles and ligaments in this critical area.

These chronic, repetitive stresses can easily strain the delicate balance between mobility and stability which the shoulder requires to function properly.

Two exercises I really like for strengthening the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff:

  1. Pushups with the feet elevated have a significant effect upon the serratus anterior and the upper trapezius to support the shoulder complex.
  2. Crab walk exercise with fingers pointing away from the body leads to a more stable, stronger and injury-resistant shoulder. Sitting on the floor with knees bent lift up your hips and glutes with your feet and hands. Walk 10 paces forward and 10 backward.

In our office we evaluate shoulder movement patterns and identify which areas and muscles are contributing to altered motions. This allows us to pinpoint the cause of shoulder pain and give appropriate exercises to correct it quickly and efficiently.

Chiropractic care of the shoulder during the baseball/softball season can improve alignment of the joint which will lead to improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. In turn proper biomechanics of the shoulder will reduce injury and decrease your odds of landing on the disabled list this season.

Our mission at Desired Health Chiropractic is to help athletes achieve a higher level of sports performance. If you found value in this article we ask that you share with your friends, family, or teammates. Until next time, stay healthy and reach for your goals.  

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