Chiropractic After Knee Surgery… Is It Dangerous?

Does Knee Surgery Mean I Can’t Have Chiropractic Care for My Knee?

Chiropractic care is especially important after knee surgery. At one of the main chiropractic schools in the U.S., National University located outside of Chicago, chiropractors reported on their care of a 26-year-old ice hockey goalie who had already had knee surgery. He continued to have mild discomfort and swelling in his left knee a month after the surgery. No matter what he did, he couldn’t heal completely.

The chiropractors helped him with manipulation to the knee with the goal of restoring full range of motion and to provide him with therapies for better balance and strength. They wanted to improve his  ability to feel sensations and where his knee was in space – something called proprioception, and improve his endurance. All the ice hockey player’s symptoms were relieved after 14 weeks of care.

Don’t let your knee pain go untreated when natural healing is made possible via chiropractic treatment.

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