Get Rid Of Snow With Grace & Ease

Essential tips to get rid of snow with grace and ease….or at least so you don’t injure yourself!

Why do we live in Minnesota? Because we LOVE the snow!!!

Ok, that is not true. So what do we do about huge snowfall messes? We put together a few tips about snow and shoveling to help you out.

Tip 1: Don’t twist and shout!

Push smaller sections of snow to the side before trying to lift and swing it out of your way. If you have a pile to move make sure you can tackle it head on instead of rotating your body repeatedly.

Tip 2: Don’t go easy

Start with the biggest and heaviest spots first, like at the end of your driveway. That way your back is less fatigued as you tackle that tough pile.

Tip 3: Layers are a Minnesotans best friend

We dress in layers for the weather so as we warm up, we can take off a shirt or overcoat to regulate temperature easily. Also take layers off of big snow piles so you are not trying to lift a heavy load.

Tip 4: Ice, Ice Baby!

It may seem silly but ice is the best thing for you. After shoveling, make sure to go in and get a hot beverage and grab an ice pack out of the freezer while you are in the kitchen. Put ice on the low back for 10 minutes to reduce inflammation from all that hard work you just did.

Tip 5: Listen Up!

Your body is really good at telling you when something is not right. Just make sure you don’t ignore those signals. You may be sore from shoveling the next day, but any soreness that lasts beyond that is damage that needs to be addressed before it gets worse. Stop in and get a chiropractic adjustment to prevent lingering pains.

We are winter magicians at Desired Health Chiropractic, and we promise to help you navigate the wintertime blues with excellent chiropractic care. And we are here to help your family and friends also. Any referral will be treated as a VIP in our office!

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