5 Ways to Prevent Youth Athletes From Burnout


1. Cross Training is King


In today’s competitive sports arena, kids are worked harder and younger than ever before. Being a top athlete requires repetitive motion in multiple practices a week. No matter what sport you participate in, there will be extra stress and strain when perfecting certain moves.

That is where cross training becomes King. Incorporating a completely different sport or workout, even once a week, will alter movements enough to give overworked muscles a little break. It may also strengthen muscles that are overlooked.


2. Hot, Hot, Cold


Warm up is so important to prevent injuries in sports. Warning! Many athletes will start their warm up with stretches which is the WRONG move. Always do a light cardio warm-up, such as walking, jogging, or easy jumping jacks to get the muscles warmed up for stretches.

Then a few minutes of stretching warm muscles will prepare the body for an intense workout. Cool down after practice or games is important for the body and the mind to maintain a relaxed state.


3. Use the Force


One often overlooked aspect in youth sports burnout is that parents and coaches do not prepare the athlete’s mind for competition. With the pressure to perform at an increasingly high level, athletes should have some guided meditation and stress relief skills incorporated into their training.


4. What’s Your End-Game?


Many youth athletes burnout due to unrealistic expectations, either from their parents, coaches, or themselves. Specific sports goals are important to set at the beginning of each season so the athlete can be supported to achieve and everyone is working towards a common goal.

The goals for the off-season training are also often overlooked or glossed over. It is important that any time an athlete is in training mode, that they can measure progress towards improvements.   


5. Don’t Be Nervous


The youth athlete is putting both body and mind under extreme stress. The nervous system is responsible for making sure every thought and movement work together in harmony. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to improve the way the body works by easing tension on the nervous system. This allows for the athlete to perform in the best possible fashion and prevent injury or burnout.


At Desired Health Chiropractic we help athletes feel better, function better, and perform better!

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