4 Foolproof Ways to Combat the End of Summer Blues!

Sadly, summer has a few weeks to go. Before we know it, the kids will be heading back to school and those seemingly carefree summer days will be over.  But don’t let the end of summer give you the blues. Here a few ways to make the fun of summer last longer


  • LOOK FORWARD: Fall has lots of fun activities like apple picking, hot cocoa, and the beautiful fall leaves
  • PLAN A TRIP: Research shows that anticipation is the most enjoyable part of an activity, so plan a weekend getaway to tour a winery and view the changing leaves, or head up north to the lake and enjoy the crisp fall nights, without all the tourists that summer brings
  • TAKE THE BEST OF SUMMER INTO FALL: Take that summer mindset into September and beyond. Continue having carefree fun, eat local fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market, Fire Up the grill, spend time outdoors taking long walks or bikerides, have a bonfire in the cool evenings!
  • GET ADJUSTED: Feeling Blue as the seasons change is common but Chiropractic adjustments can help! Adjustments help increase the level of endorphins in the bloodstream, a key to combating this condition. When the spine is properly aligned, patients report benefits such as improved energy levels, reduced pain, and better mood.

“Always maintain a kind of summer even in the midst of winter” Henry David Thoreau

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