Fat Wallet Pain Is No Joking Matter

Sitting on your wallet can cause back pain, neck pain and even headaches. Back pain caused by back-pocket wallets is so common it has nicknames: hip-pocket syndrome, wallet neuropathy, and Costanza Wallet Syndrome… But is it really true, or is fat-wallet back pain just a joke or a myth? It’s definitely no joke! Sitting on your overstuffed wallet distorts your posture, can twist your hips, and put pressure on your spine which causes it to be out of alignment. The wallet can also put pressure on the piriformis muscle which aggravates the sciatic nerve and can lead to sciatica. Here are few tips to alleviate the problem!

  • Keep your wallet out of your back pocket: Carry it in your front pocket or in your jacket
  • Use a small wallet with only the essentials
  • Carry a money clip

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