Thanks for coming out to make your Princess Flower Tiara on 9/15/22!

We hope everyone had a fun time

Here are the drying instructions for the flower crowns, from Toni’s Flowers in Anoka:

You may hang your flower crown right away and let is dry naturally in place on your door, wall, etc.

You may also lay your flower crown on a flat surface with the flowers facing up.

It will take approximately 3 weeks to dry out.

If you use hair spray to seal the flowers, we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before applying. If there is any moisture left in the flowers when you add hairspray, it can create mold. We want to avoid that, so we recommend simply leaving it out to dry as long as possible.

Now you can enjoy it for years to come! If you want more great flower ideas or flowers for any occasion, contact Toni’s Flowers at (763) 421-3123

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