Desired Health Chiropractic in Anoka MN, Helps Alleviate Pain Without Surgery

Pain is never normal, never a side effect of aging, and does not have to be tolerated chronically by any person. Natural pain elimination options are better than drugs, and surgical procedures.  

Too many people believe that pain is normal, saying, “Pain is what it is, and one just must learn to live with pain,” or “Pain is a normal part of aging.”

Surgical interventions save lives; there is no doubt about this fact. However, in many instances surgeries should not be the only option to alleviate pain issues.

Pain pills only cover up the underlying problem causing the pain and present multiple adverse side effects. Pain pills are addicting.

However, when a person has other options instead of choosing surgery, that person is far better off trying natural options first. A herniated disc does not always call for surgical intervention.

Every person on earth has experienced pain issues at some point in their life. Most pain issues are short-term and eventually disappear when the underlying cause eliminates.

It is the other group of people who experience pain every day, considered long-term pain or chronic pain issues.

Pain issues that decrease the quality of life are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, sports injuries, migraine headaches, whiplash, and much more.

If the patient has a job every day that demands repetitive motion, pain develops in those extremities, such as seen in the carpal tunnel syndrome with hand, wrist, and arm pain, tenderness, numbing and relentless tingling. Numbness and tingling of extremities are considered pain.

What these naturalistic doctors find is that pain most times originates in the neck and spinal vertebrae caused by misalignment of vertebrae in the spine pressing on the nerves running through the spine.

There are many instances in which spinal vertebrae suffer misalignment from routine tasks, such as getting out of a vehicle in the wrong manner, thus twisting the spine, sitting for long periods, repetitious movements, reaching for an object and more.

Pain is never the problem, but a call from the body to help with a health issue.

Desired Health Chiropractor in Anoka MN has fantastic options to alleviate pain issues by eliminating the underlying problems. Options include spinal adjustments, spinal alignments, heat, cold, over-the-counter NSAIDS short-term to help reduce tissue inflammation, massage therapy, vitamins, minerals, and more.

Never live with pain. Rid your body of pain and underlying health problems through natural healing options at this MN Chiropractor in Anoka.

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