Plantar Fasciitis- The Never-ending Heel Pain!

Plantar fasciitis is pain in the heel that is a result of gradual degeneration of the plantar fascia due to repetitive motions or sudden trauma to the area. Often this pain is worse in the morning or prior to warming up the foot.

Many athletes struggle with plantar fasciitis because the pain tends to less upon physical activity. In many cases, athletes will continue to engage in strenuous exercise because they think the pain is better. In reality, this will cause more trauma to the plantar fascia and make healing time even longer!

The fastest way to heal plantar fasciitis is with chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments will help restore normal joint mechanics and reduce tension. Then supporting the foot with a flexible, custom orthotic will enhance healing and allow the foot to move as it should.

Do not ignore heel pain, as plantar fasciitis can take months to resolve if not addressed early on. It can take you out of your game quickly and be very frustrating to deal with.

At Desired Health Chiropractic we assess biomechanics and neurology of the body before it becomes a chronic issue. We want our athletes to feel, function, and perform at their best.

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