Rah Rah Ree, Kick ’em in The Knee…

The knees are the most vulnerable joints in the sports world. They can handle much less trauma or force before becoming injured. They also are subjected to a lot of repetitive use in sports that involve kicking, running, or jumping.

Knee pain that starts for an unknown reason can be frustrating to a competitive athlete that wants to stay active. Many medical practitioners will only focus in on the mechanics of the knee joint when a patient points to pain there. This is a narrow view of treatment and gets minimal results.

Chiropractors will address the patients hips, pelvis, ankles, and feet for proper motion to make sure that they are not putting extra stress on the knees. Patients are often amazed at the results we get when we look at the movement of the body as a whole instead of an isolated joint.    

Dr. Desiree Van Bogart became interested in chiropractic medicine after she sustained a knee injury in high school. Since resolving all issues with conservative chiropractic care, she is passionate about athletic knee pain issues. Her goal is to help others heal and stay in the game without knee surgery or medications.  

At Desired Health Chiropractic we assess biomechanics and neurology of the body so we can find issues before they make things worse. We want our athletes to feel, function, and perform at their best.

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