Five Fabulous Foot Exercises to Prevent Flatness

“Foot flatness” or “fallen arches” are the result of pronation of the foot. Pronation is when your feet are biomechanically altered causing the arches of the foot drop or collapse. Here are 5 easy exercises to add to your stretching or warm up routines to keep your arches and feet happy.

  1. Gastroc Stretch (Single Leg): Assume a standing position facing a wall with both hands positioned on the wall. Take a large step backwards with one foot, keep your knee straight and position your heel on the floor. Make sure your toes of this leg are positioned straight towards the wall. Slowly move your chest forward and widen the distance between your front and back leg if need be to feel a stretch on the back of your ankle and lower leg.
  2. Balance Training to Activate Foot/Ankle: Assume a standing position on one foot on an exercise disc, wobble training board, or even a small couch pillow. Maintain this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and then switch feet.  
  3. Plantar Fascia Massage: Assume a seated position; place arch of foot on tennis ball or can of soup. Slowly roll foot forward and backward over ball. You should feel a gentle stretch in the muscles/soft tissues on the bottom of your toes and foot. Continue for 30 seconds and gently release.
  4. Toe Curls with Elastic Resistance: Assume a seated position in a chair with your foot resting on step. Grasp one end of elastic and wrap other end under heel pulling it up around the top of your toes. Curl toes downward into elastic.
  5. Walking on Toes: Assume a standing position and walk across the floor using only your toes/forefoot. Select a specific amount of steps or distance to make up an exercise set.

At Desired Health Chiropractic we assess biomechanics and neurology of the body so we can find the cause of poor posture before it becomes a chronic issue. We want our athletes to feel, function, and perform at their best.

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