Anoka Doctor’s Secret Tips for Chronic Pain Sufferers

● Do you suffer with pain most days?
Have you been told the pain is “in your head” or to just “push through” the pain?
Are you hard on yourself for not being able to do the things you use to?
Are simple tasks such as cleaning, shopping, and cooking become such chores that they often go uncompleted?
Do you find that family, friends, and co-workers don’t understand what you are going through?

Living a life of chronic pain is not easy. If your pain is not visible on the surface then it is difficult for family, friends and co-workers to understand what you are going through. We are here to help chronic pain sufferers gain a bit of control back to their lives.

Tip 1: Water intake

Yes, I know it sounds easy and too simple to be helpful, but do not discount the power of fresh, clean water. People often find that if they consume a lot of water on a consistent basis it does help flush out excess toxic build up and reduce widespread inflammation. Just try it for 30 days before you disagree.

Tip 2: Vitamin D

There is so much research to validate the importance of supplementing with a high quality Vitamin D. We do not get enough here in Minnesota during these winter months. Not only is it good for reducing inflammation but it may enhance mood as well.

Tip 3: Ditch the gluten

No pasta, no bread, no wheat – Oh my!

It may sound hard to cut this out of your diet, but it is harder to live with chronic pain.

Tip 4: Dairy too

Many people have difficulty with dairy products as well as gluten. Try eliminating cheese, milk, and yogurt for an extended period of time to let your body reduce inflammation.

Tip 5: Sugar, Sugar

Can you believe I am also going to recommend ditching the sugar as well? This includes all refined sugar found in sweets and junk food. But it goes well beyond that – sugar is hidden in most packaged foods. Salad dressings, condiments, sauces of all kinds. One of the best resources I have found is Vinnie Tortorich’s No Sugar, No grain diet.

Tip 6: Chiropractic Care

Of course, a chiropractor is going to tell someone to check out chiropractic for chronic pain. But let me tell you why it is essential. The nervous system controls all functions of the body- the heart, the lungs, the digestive system, the muscular system. When there is irritation on the nervous system the body cannot heal properly. Medications only mask symptoms and pain is just a symptom that needs to be dealt with.

If you have not considered chiropractic then you are missing one of the key components to improving your quality of life. Don’t you deserve to try it for yourself? I am so confident it will make a difference for you that you can try our office for free. Free consult, Free exam, One Free Treatment!

Just mention that you read this article and I will do everything in my power to help you feel better, function better, and perform better. Call Dr. Desiree Van Bogart today 763-205-6192.

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