Three Things Every Athlete Needs To Know About How They Stand

#1 Did you know that posture boosts confidence?


For yourself:

If you need an instant boost in confidence, try checking your posture. Lift your head and pull your shoulders back. This will stimulate your brain to release endorphins and increase your energy.


For your opponent:

Strength in the animal world is always dictated by body posturing. The larger and more confident an animal becomes, the greater its chance at winning a fight. The same holds true for humans in the athletic world. If your opponent views you as strong and capable at first glance, you have a much better chance at getting in their head.


For your team/leadership:

Did you know that the difference between a person showing confidence and weakness is about 3 cm in shoulder positioning? Scour the internet for pictures of team leaders and influential people. They always have their shoulders pulled back and their head upright. You can instantly tell who is a leader and who is a follower based on posture.


#2 Posture taps into your neurology


So why is it so hard to correct poor posture? You may be able to sit or stand with great posture for a while, but have you noticed that you can’t sustain that position for too long?


The main reason people end up with poor posture is because posture is directly related to your neurology. It is a symptom of something else that is going on in your body.  


Poor posture can lead to muscular tension and damage by being in the wrong position for extended periods of time.


#3 Posture will affect movement and biomechanics


Rounded shoulders are the most common posture finding because as humans we spend so much time sitting. This posture will cause weakness in the upper extremities. For athletes who rely on power in their arms or shoulders this is essential to correct. Many patients find a huge increase in strength, range of motion, and pain reduction as soon as this is fixed.


A slouched back while sitting is also common but easier to correct. Weak core muscles can result from this position. Any since most sports draw power from the abdominal and lumbar spine muscles, correction in this area will give an athlete a huge competitive advantage.


Forward head posture is displayed in people who have prolonged texting or phone use. This will weaken neck muscles and tightens upper trapezius to reduce range of motion. Spinal assessments of the neck and upper back are essential to correcting this poor posture finding.


What Can An Athlete Do To Correct Poor Posture?

At Desired Health Chiropractic we assess biomechanics and neurology of the body so we can find the cause of poor posture before it becomes a chronic issue. We want our athletes to feel, function, and perform at their best.

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