Winter can be a tough time for your body, especially if you live in a cold climate. The shorter days, colder temperatures, and drier air can all take their toll on your health. But there are things you can do to prepare your body for winter and help it stay healthy throughout the season.

Do Functional Exercises

Exercise is another great way to boost your immune system and stay healthy during the winter.  It also helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Make sure to do functional exercises that prepare your body for winter activities such as shoveling snow and having balance to nagivate icy parking lots. Ask Dr. Desiree for the best exercises to winterize your workouts!

Take vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to boost your immune system and fight off infection. During the winter months in Minnesota, you cannot get enough vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D supplements come in gel capsules, tasteless liquids, and chewables so they are easy for the whole family to take.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated year-round, but it’s especially important during the winter months. When the air is dry, you can lose more fluids through your skin and breath. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day. You can also get fluids from other sources, such as fruits, vegetables, and soups.

Manage stress

Stress weaken your immune system and can make you more susceptible to illness. Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. Did you know chiropractic adjustments help regulate the nervous system to calm your reactions to stress? Amazing!

Keep your body healthy this winter with these simple tips. If you feel cruddy, run down, sore, or constantly tense throughout your body, then make sure to get into see Dr. Desiree Van Bogart at Desired Health Chiropractic to see how we can get your health back on track.

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