What you need to know before going to a chiropractor forever:
Have you ever heard “Once you go to a chiropractor, you will always have to go.”? Today you are going to learn the truth about chiropractic and how the human body really works.

abdominal-1203880_1280I have heard many times people are reluctant to start care in fear that if they start they will have to continue with chiropractic care forever. I am going to quell that misguided fear once and for all with the following example…

When a person decides to get into shape and lose weight they must workout several times a week. So they start a regimented workout plan and start to see improvements after about a month of hard work. This motivates them to continue workouts and maybe even increase the frequency and intensity to get results faster.

Then after several months they reach their goal weight or physical accomplishment. Hooray! Can they stop going to the gym now? Of course not. You can’t work massively hard to improve the shape and strength of the body and then expect it to remain in that state without any ongoing effort.  

clay-pot-622750_1920The top athletes in the world workout several times a day. Even though they are already in shape, the human body needs constant reinforcements to stay that way.

So how does that correlate to chiropractic?

Most people start going to a chiropractor because they have pain or symptoms of ill health that are compromising their lifestyle. They have a compromised area of the body that needs work to improve. Pain medication does not fix a low back problem, just as a diet pop doesn’t cause weight loss.

The chiropractor’s goal is to help the body correct the dysfunctional state to improve the health of the person. Now that person is feeling and functioning great!

gym-455164_1920But just like workouts, the body does not maintain this compromised area without continual attention. It does not mean that you need to workout everyday, but you will still go to the gym to maintain your hard work.

Chiropractic care works at the same level by changing the physiology of the body to improve health. Treatments can then be spread out in frequency to maintain those results.

Do you have to go to the gym forever? No of course you can decide to quit the gym anytime you want, but slowly people fall out of shape.

Just like stopping chiropractic care after your initial pain has subsided, you have a choice. No doctor forces you to continue taking care of your body. But we have your best interest at heart when we recommend continued care.

cereal-898073_1920We have seen it time and time again when people return with the same condition and have to start back from square one!

You never have to go to a chiropractor forever. However, when you find a doctor you trust that helps you feel and function better, chances are you are going to want to continue to maintain those fabulous results.

It’s a great honor for our office to take care of so many wellness patients that truly care about maintaining that healthy lifestyle.

If you know of anyone who is suffering please let them know how we can help!


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