Anoka’s Walking Ghost Tour

Whether you are a skeptic or a full on believer, feel free to join in on Anoka’s ghost walking tour!

This tour takes place at the Anoka County Historical Society. Although the Anoka County Historical Society wasn’t built until 1965 and nothing unusual happened there, many say the older items inside are what haunts the building. There have been many encounters with unexplained voices, shadows between bookshelves, and the front desk bell being rung by itself. 

One of the stops on the tour include 410 Van Buren St. which was built in 1883. This specific spot has a 12 year old boy named Pete who hangs around and many people on the tour have reported seeing him for themselves. 

Although this is a spooky event, it doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a great opportunity to get together and learn more about Anoka’s history.



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