If I Go To A Chiropractor, Do I Have To Keep Going For The Rest Of My Life?


That’s a common question you hear over and over, and it keeps a lot of people from experiencing all of the wonderful benefits Chiropractic care has to offer.

The answer, of course, is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Going to a Chiropractor is a lot like going to the Dentist. You will have less dental problems if you brush and floss your teeth and go for check-ups and cleanings than if you didn’t go.

If you wait until your tooth hurts, you most likely need more dental work than if you didn’t wait so long. Once you get the toothache fixed, you can choose to brush, floss and get routine check-ups…or not.

Most Chiropractic patients start care because they have a symptom…usually pain.

Some get a handful of treatments, feel better…and don’t come back until they have pain again. Others get out of pain and come for maintenance visits in an effort to keep the pain from coming back.

The bottom line is: It’s all up to you. At our practice, you are free to choose whatever type of care you want, without lecturing or questioning from us.

You can come for one visit then call us in two years and we will be happy to see you again. It’s your body and you are 100% in charge.

We will give you what we feel are the best possible recommendations, but we will not get upset if you choose another path. That’s why we don’t insist anyone committing to long-term care plans. We want you to give us a try and see if you like it, and if you do… take it from there.

So please, spread the word to all your family and friends who think that if you go to a Chiropractor once, you have to keep going for the rest of your life. If you know someone who has been locked into a long-term care plan they didn’t like, please tell them we are different.

Or don’t… that’s up to you, too. 

Call us if you need anything, we are always here to help!



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